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Welcome to Maubisse!

You’ve arrived in this mountainous region where, like the Blue Mountains, Maubisse can be cold and misty and some local people travel on small horses. 

The photos below show ceremony leaders – Lia-na’in – and traditionally dressed dancers and musicians in Maubisse at a ceremony preceding a visit by the Bishop. 

Many people practice their Indigenous ceremonies, dancing and music alongside Catholic ritual and beliefs. 


Leublora Green Village 

Leublora Green Village is located in Maubisse and its aim is to empower women, children and youth to become active change agents. It promotes the values of self-sustainability and harmony with nature.

Leublora has a Green school, Green villas and a Women’s Organic Faming Cooperative which provides food for the organic restaurant there. 

The restaurant and villas support the women’s farming cooperative and nutrition packets are provided to the poorest families in the community. 

Maternal and Child Health

In collaboration with the Alola Foundation Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters support a Maternal and Child Health program at the Maubisse Hospital.

The aim is to reduce maternal and child mortality which is very high in Timor Leste. The program provides information, assistance and counselling for pregnant women attending hospital and women who have given birth at the hospital. The program supports breastfeeding and distributes maternity packs for vulnerable mothers.

Blue Mountains funded women’s empowerment worker, Mana Josefina Periera 

Mana Josefina lives in Maubisse. She supports Women’s Groups in the Hatobulico sub-district in her work as a field officer with The Alola Foundation. She travels throughout the district facilitating women’s economic empowerment with women’s projects funded by the Blue Mountains community. 

In the photograph (right) Mana Fina greets Jude Finch from the Blue Mountains

Mana Josefina Periera 

The Maubisse Pousada

The Maubisse Pousada (Guesthouse) is still standing since the time of Portuguese colonisation and it is maintained as a place for travellers to stay.

Blue Mountains East Timor

Sisters Scholarship recipient


Virissima Fatima Amaral – BMETS scholarship Midwifery student
from Maubisse 

Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters are very proud to be able to support Virissima in her midwifery studies. For sixteen years BMETS have been supporting women and girls from poor families across Timor-Leste to access education both in secondary schooling and university studies. 

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Virissima - BMETS scholarship Midwifery student from Maubisse