Welcome to Hatobuilico!

Hatobuilico, the jewel in the heart of Timor Leste and the gateway to the sacred Mt Ramelau. Nestled in a remote and rugged landscape, an 18km rough dirt weaves to the village with green mountain surrounds on all sides. The cooler climate welcomes travellers from the tropical coasts of Timor Leste, though significant rainfalls and very strong wind events can cause damage to the region.

Views from high above Taureme to the coast

 Hatobuilico is a culturally significant and spirited village, with many community events seeing villagers from all over the Sub district gathering in song and dance, ceremony and pilgrimage.

As this village is the gateway to Mt Ramelau, it is also on the tourist route and facilitates homestay accommodation for travelers wishing to climb the mountain. Tourists can link up here with a local guide, such as a good friend of the Blue Mountains, Antonio. Antonio Metchy runs a humble Homestay for guests in Hatobuilico and has been guiding tourists from all over the world for years, with extensive knowledge of the area and good English, quite rare in these remote regions. Tourist facilities are very basic in the part of the country and so it is best to engage with the locals and find up to date information about the area upon arriving.

Funds raised for over 10 years from previous Trek for Timor events have focused on projects in the Hatobuilico region, which often misses out on funding from other NGOs due to geographic isolation.

Hatobuilico Secondary School, ESCANFER (Eskola Sekundaria Nain Feto Ramelau) students

Education in Hatobuilico is one of the communities highest priorities as it has great potential to improve the lives of the young and those in the village. Up until 2012, the Secondary school could only support students until Year 9 and then they would leave home to study in Ainaro or Dili. This would prove to be quite unaffordable for most.. but the Trek has been able to contribute to a beautiful story in  the development of the Senior Secondary School. Read all about the successful Senior Secondary School journey HERE

Jude Finch and students at the Hatobuilico markets

Another key area of Trek for Timor project work in this region is in education, from Primary through to Tertiary. Trek funds continue to support the Secondary School through teacher stipends and bursaries for disadvantages students. University Student Scholarships have provided a huge boost to further education opportunities for students from the Hato Builico sub district such as Ana Maria and Victorino. Learn about their beautiful stories below and how your trek fundraising is making a world of difference.

The Taureme primary school is a significant piece of educational infrastructure that the Trek has been able to support. After being established by volunteers throughout the community, it was struck with successive years of destruction due to wind storms. The funds from previous Trek for Timor events were able to provide a whole new building including classrooms, teachers room, kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Read the first hand account of the emotive history and beautiful story of the determination of the Taureme community and friends in the Blue Mountains to realise the dream of their school HERE

Taureme school opening in 2015

Another of the successful recent projects being supported is in Women’s development, helping to facilitate empowerment, confidence and economic independence. Read all about the insightful story of the Women’s Development work as told by hard working, founding developer, Jude Finch HERE

Women’s centre in Mauchiga

John Tweedie’s Story

John Tweedie has been a regular visitor to Timor and has volunteered for Trek for Timor since 2010. Read his story here