Welcome to Aileu.

Located in the central highlands immediately to the south of Dili, Aileu includes very steep forested ridges – some lush with tropical vegetation and others dry and rocky, covered in sparse eucalyptus trees and grasses. Beautiful rice paddy ribbons run along the river valleys between the steep slopes making a colorful contrast with the mountain ranges behind.

On the winding road from Dili, travelers often stop to capture the expansive views down to the winding rivers far below and out to the northern coast with Atauro Island in the distance.  Apart from the villages located close to the road and on ridge tops, others are hidden from view by the steep terrain and forest.




Memoirs from Timor

This story appears in a book – the author’s name has not been given.

I was born in Viqueque and I always thought that was where my family had come from. I didn’t know much about my grandfather but I remembered my grandmother and heard from my father that she was born and raised and lived in Viqueque.

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Agriculture in Aileu

With good levels of rainfall, a temperate climate and accessible transport to Dili, conditions in the Aileu area are optimal for farmers to try new crops. 

Newspaper story entitled “Opportunities drive changes to agriculture in Aileu

Projeto Montanha

Students from Springwood High School in the Blue Mountains, with their teacher Richard Engel, travelled to Timor Leste to help building Project Montanha. This project is a lovely cafe and art centre in Aileu where local artists create and sell their beautiful artworks.

Village Lighting Project for Remexio

The purpose of the Village Lighting Project was to improve the living standard of the people of the Remexio district of East Timor. Kangaroo Valley has had a village-to-village partnership with Remexio since May 2000. The Village Lighting Project has been the most ambitious project for KVRP. Read on.

Jude and Deb’s big drive

The roads in Timor Leste are very interesting to say the least and become much more so in the wet season – Jude Finch tackled these roads often but this particular drive was only successful due to the great kindness of strangers!

Here is an excerpt from her diary of the day.