Why does Joan trek for Timor?

Joan has Trekked for Timor many times. Here she is in training for the 2018 trek. We asked her why she does it.

Having chosen to participate in the Trek for Timor 5 times, my friend Jude asked me to write a brief paragraph on why I do this – easy I thought, until I thought about all the reasons I do do this and why I’ve signed up again this year.

So over the years I’ve struggled up many a hill and too many stairs for me to count, and while I’m doing this I’m internally berating myself for putting my body through this, yet again. But eventually I reach the top and breathe a sigh of relief while simultaneously breathing in the forest around me. I smile, turn to my walking companions and they too are smiling. 

About this time I think how lucky I am to share this time with them, and how lucky I am that I can choose to put myself through this minor hardship, that hardship is not my way of life. And that maybe with each step we take on this walk, and with the support of our sponsors we are making someone else’s life a little less hard.