Auntie Carol Cooper Supports Trek for Timor

Auntie Carol Cooper has been a strong advocate for our work in Timor and every Trek for Timor Blue Mountains she has welcomed us to her country – Darug and Gundungurra land – and wished the walkers a safe walk in the country of her ancestors.

Auntie Carol has visited Timor-Leste too on the invitation of Kirsty Sword Gusmao (wife of Xanana Gusmao who was a freedom fighter and then held the positions of President and Prime Minister in the first governments) to represent Aboriginal women at an international conference hosted by Timorese women and the Alola Foundation.

The time in Dili was an eye opener for Auntie Carol who still recalls the motor bikes and cars weaving their way along potholed roads and the open drains. This was 2009 and things have changed in Timor. The traffic is busier and there are still open drains but roads in Dili are pot hole free, there are some traffic lights, buildings destroyed in rampages of 1999 have gradually been rebuilt and, although there is a long way to go to lift people out of grinding poverty, there are strong signs of a slowly growing economy.

Auntie Carol is pleased to be a supporter of Trek for Timor in 2020.

Auntie Carol with Kirsty Sword Gusmao on her visit to the Blue Mountains in 2015