VT4T for K9s

Registrations are coming in fast for the Virtual Trek for Timor. Some people have trekked before – for others it’s their first time. And probably the most unusual entrant so far is Thea the leaping labrador.

Dogs aren’t allowed in the National Park, so Thea has been excluded from previous treks. But this year is her big chance. Thea will be dragging along her human companion, Anne, and is keen to encourage other dogs to join the trek.

Thea was interviewed for a recent article in the Blue Mountains Gazette and had some memorable comments.

“When she feeds me dinner my mum often says that the cost of what I eat each day could probably feed a family in East Timor. So I’m a very lucky dog and I can afford to do something for others”.

“I’ll be helping to train Anne for her 100km commitment, keeping her fit and getting her out for a walk every day. I’ll take her around our local streets and parks; sometimes we’ll go and do some shopping, for food of course.”

“I hope that a local business might like to sponsor me for the initial $200 as I will be wearing a smart coat that could carry their logo. Otherwise I’ll be hoping that anyone who doesn’t have a friend, relative or co-worker to sponsor might remember my soft, loving eyes gazing up at them and make a little donation to my cause”.

“See if any of you can top my fundraising amount, let’s have a competition. We’re out there walking anyway, imagine if it wasn’t just the same old boring walking every day, imagine if we were walking for somebody else too! How good would we feel about ourselves then?”

BREAKING NEWS! Trek for Timor has obtained exclusive video of Thea in training for the Trek. At a recent Bush Lemons’ weekend walk she worked to encourage her other canine friends to take part too! Head to the Bush Lemons website and scroll down to Saturday, 5 Sept -Ngula Bulgarabang Regional Park