Trekking for Timor and Learning about Timor

Trekking has started and trekkers have passed the first checkpoint in Dare, East Timor. Many have paused for a moment and taken the time to read the checkpoint page and learn a bit more about this area. It’s a gruelling uphill trek and they will appreciate the story about a bunch of crazy cyclists who do that journey for fun every weekend.

Since the first Trek for Timor Blue Mountains in 2010 the event has recruited hundreds of volunteers to help with checkpoints, track marking and logistics. Not everyone knew about Timor but all joined in for a good cause.

So it was thrilling to read a message from long-time volunteer, Joc from the Bush Lemons.

“I just wanted to give you some feedback……yesterday Bush Lemons did their first of the set 4 bushwalks which will total 100km.  So this morning I sat down and duly entered my 10km in the website.  Then, I visited Dare to see what I had reached and must have spent half an hour reading all about it.  The photos and stories there are wonderful and for me, not having a strong connection with East Timor, it was so good to get a real sense of why we raise the money. “

Trek on and read on Joc. There’s so much more to learn about East Timor and especially the many projects initiated by Blue Mountains groups.

Views of Dili from Dare

We are excited to announce that for the second time local company Hobbs Bathroom Company have sponsored Trek for Timor Blue Mountains. We are so grateful for their ongoing support.