Our Youngest Trekker?

Jasper is the 3rd of Jude and Mary’s grandchildren (Mary and Jude are Trek organisers and Timor ‘passionates’). He is 6 years old. Like his parents and his grandparents, he’s keen to help children gain access to education in Timor and so Jasper has chosen to walk in this year’s Trek. 

He’s aiming for 25 kms over the month but could be that he can squeeze more from his busy schedule of playing with his brother, Arlo, learning to read and do hard sums at school, build massive and very complex sandcastles at the beach and set the table to make his small contribution to dinner. 

Jasper is an enquiring child and when he asked about the reason for walking (raising needed funds for kids like him in East Timor) and how he might do this (get his friends and relations to sponsor him), Jasper replied that his cousins have lots of money and could probably sponsor him for 50 cents each. Then he added that some of his aunts and uncles have plenty of money and of course would want some of that to go to better opportunities for education for children. (Actually, his fond granny put these last words in his mouth!).  

Jasper is seen training at Mt Hay.