Going Bananas in Quarantine!

Two weeks stuck in a hotel room all alone. Just how do you avoid going nuts ?

Louise had a brilliant idea – Trek for Timor.

She’s been a long-time supporter of Trek for Timor, often working as a volunteer before she moved to the UK. Louise has now come back to visit her sick mother and, while stuck in quarantine for a couple of weeks, came up with this innovative idea to pass the time.

Louise wrote to her family and friends

Hello family and friends – AAAGGGGHHH!!!

Quarantine definitely makes you bonkers but instead of jumping out the window I have decided to try and be more useful and run the

Virtual Trek For Timor 2020

in my Hotel Room – that’s 10km around the room and for me right now that is really hard because I am certainly under the weather being in here for days and days with no fresh air.

So Louise went into training (see above!) and VT4T gave her special dispensation to ‘trek’ ahead of the official start date. And the great news is that this week she completed her 10km trek and has raised more than $2000 for Timor projects – and the funds keep rolling in.

Thank you Louise – our first virtual and quarantined trekker – what a STAR!