15-18 Year Olds

Guidelines for 15-18 year-old trekkers

By popular demand we’ve amended the age requirements so that trekkers aged 15-18 with good bushwalking experience can form teams for any of the trek distances. Yes, we know there are a few more rules, but don’t be put off by them – we really want to see you at the Trek!

  1. There is a minimum age of 15 years to walk in the Trek unaccompanied and unsupervised by an adult.
  2. Teams must consist of 4 to 6 people.
  3. All participants must have prior experience of walking in the bush – shown through school activities/ endurance walks for the Duke of Edinburgh Award/ regular and consistent involvement in bushwalks with the family.
  4. All participants must have parent’s permission.
  5. All participants must write their prior experience on the application form and ask a parent or guardian to sign it.
  6. Each member must fill in an application form and send it to the event organisers.
  7. All participants must remain together AT ALL TIMES.
  8. Each team is required to have a spot tracker or satellite phone or mobile phone with a location app. (EPIRBS can be borrowed on the day before the event from 9am – 4pm at the NPWS Office in Blackheath or after hours from the Police Stations at Katoomba and Springwood.)
  9. At the beginning of the day, you must report to the Youth Co-ordinator.
  10. At each checkpoint, all team members are required to report to the Youth Representative who will be wearing a coloured vest.
  11. You must have a support team.
  12. Each team must carry a first aid kit.
  13. Bring food, snacks and water with you. Members will also receive an energy pack to supplement their food intake.
  14. Each participant is encouraged to raise a minimum of $100 in fundraising.
  15. It is also important to read through the Trekkers’ Rules which apply to all participants.

So the steps are:

Application form as WORD file

Application form as PDF