How things work

If you’d like to register to Trek, sponsor a Trekker, make a donation or volunteer to help, this page explains the process.

If you’re familiar with our system, just click on the buttons in the sidebar, or the links at the bottom of this page. (Keep in mind that you need to enter your contact details for the 2018 Trek even if you have walked in earlier Treks (such as 2016). We create a “fresh” database for each new trek.)

If you’re new to things, read on.

Basically, you fill in a simple form and then get sent an email with all the details you need. If you have any problems, you can reply to the email or you can phone the contact person listed in the email.

Sign up

We just need your name, email and phone number. You don’t have to come up with a password. Using your email and phone number allows you to login in future.


If you are a trekker, you will be asked for your age and how far you’re planning to walk.

If you’re the team leader, you’ll need to come up with a team name. Something easy to remember is a good idea, because it makes it easier for your sponsors.
If you’re not the team leader, you select the name of the team from a drop-down list.

Trekkers then get asked for their registration payment. The Registration fee is $60 per person (Early Bird) and $30 for under 18s. After 11th June the fee will rise to $80 and $40 respectively.

If you want to sponsor a team, select the team name from the drop-down list, or the name of an individual trekker (if you don’t know the team name). We make sure the payment gets attached to the right team.


The last part of the process is the payment. After you’ve signed up (the first time) or logged in (subsequent times) you go on to register or sponsor/donate and you finish by making a payment.

This payment is either by Paypal or Direct Deposit (we also allow cheques for donations and sponsorships). If you’re paying by Paypal, you go straight to the Paypal site, where you can pay by credit card or using your Paypal account. (NOTE THAT YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF PAYPAL TO USE THIS METHOD. YOU JUST NEED A CREDIT CARD.)  You will also get an email from us that shows that we have your details recorded. If, for some reason, the Paypal payment does not go through, just reply to our email telling us what happened, and we will sort things out.

If you’re paying by Direct Deposit or by cheque, the email you get will provide you with all the details you need for making the payment.

You will always get an email from us showing we have recorded your details. This is not a tax-deductible receipt. Trek sponsorship and donations are tax deductible, but you will get an official tax-deductible receipt later after we have processed your payment.

Other payments

Trekkers should try to bank any donations or sponsorships which they receive in cash. Obviously we prefer Trekkers to get their sponsors to go to our website and make the payment that way. But if people want to give you cash, you should bank it yourself and then make a direct deposit on our website for the amount. For convenience you can let the cash build up for a while and do it in a batch. There is no need to record the details of the sponsor or donor (and they won’t get a tax-deductible receipt). We give Trekkers this option for dealing with cash to save you bringing bags of money to the Trek on the day by paying it into our bank account ahead of time.


We are always looking for volunteers to help on the day (as well as in the lead-up to the Trek), so if you’d like to help out, click on that button (or link) and give us your details.

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