Support Crew

Your support crew is an essential part of the team and will help to make the event successful and fun for everyone. Make sure that you give them full information about the event. They need to enjoy the day too. There can be a lot of hanging around and they should have stuff to occupy them, especially after dark! Of course there are tons of cafes, galleries and shops to visit – our volunteers can suggest possibilities.

15km trekkers have less need for a support crew, but you may welcome the friendly faces waiting for you at checkpoint 1, to tend to the blisters, hand out hot drinks and food and drive you home at the end of a long day.

  1. Please remember that, if your team or any member withdraws from the race, the race organisers must be notified at the nearest checkpoint. Volunteers at similar events have spent hours searching for ‘missing’ walkers, when they have simply gone home!
  2. Support teams are responsible for providing their own map and for getting to and from the checkpoints and start and finish lines.
  3. Support teams are responsible for food, water, basic first aid and general wellbeing of their team members.
  4. Support teams are only allowed at the Start, Finish and Checkpoints 1 and 2. They are not allowed at any other points on the course, due to safety reasons.
  5. Likewise, for reasons of safety, support crews may not walk onto the course to join their teams.
  6. Our volunteers will not be able to provide any facilities for the support crews, who should be self sufficient with regard to provisions, first aid equipment and maps.
  7. Take care when driving to and from checkpoints and watch out for trekkers on the roads and paths.
  8. On registration, teams should provide a mobile telephone number so we can contact support crews in case of emergency.
  9. Dogs and other animals are not allowed at checkpoints or anywhere else on the course.