Trekkers’ Rules


We want you to have a happy and enjoyable day, while staying completely safe. Please read the rules carefully and contact us if you have any queries.

  1. Teams must be made up of 4-6 members. Teams of 3 are possible but must be sanctioned by the trek organisers before the start.
  2. All trekkers must sign a waiver to participate. Trek for Timor has its own public liability insurance. You may wish to have your own personal accident and ambulance cover.
  3. Trekkers aged 15 and over may participate in the 30km or 50km trek but the team must have at least two members over the age of 18.
  4. Younger participants below 15 are welcome on the 15km trek, but any teams with members under 15 must also have at least two members over the age of 18.
  5. Never leave a sick or injured team member alone. One team member must remain with them at all times, while the remaining team seeks help.
  6. In case of injury or illness of a team member, the whole team should try to escort their team member to the next checkpoint. If this is not possible, your SAFETY INFORMATION CARD will tell you what to do.
  7. If emergency evacuation is required, the other team members must fill out the withdrawal form at the next checkpoint. The team is welcome to continue after this, provided that minimum numbers are maintained.
  8. Any team member wishing to withdraw should do so at the nearest checkpoint and will be required to sign a withdrawal slip. Remaining team members may continue once this has been done, so long as the team size doesn’t fall below 3. If there are less than 3 members, the team will be asked to join up with another team and travel together. However, both teams will be treated separately in timing and awards.
  9. Please note that we have restrictions on the number of vehicles allowed into the Kedumba Valley so this means that we can’t provide a shuttle service for people who are simply too tired to continue! With this in mind, before you leave Checkpoint 2 at Katoomba Oval, please ensure that you are fit to continue.
  10. Teams participating in the 30km or 50km trek must have support crews to provide food, basic first aid and ensure the wellbeing of the team. However, support crews may only attend at the Start and Finish and checkpoints 1 and 2. If you are only doing the shorter trek, you may still wish to have a support team cheer you in and drive you home.
  11. Team members and support crews should have adequate food and water for the whole trek. In emergency, some additional food and water will be available at each checkpoint.
  12. Teams and their support crews are responsible for basic first aid for trekkers, e.g. blisters, aches and pains, cuts and grazes. For more serious problems, there will be first aid crews at checkpoints and remote first aid teams located along the route.
  13. Trek volunteers will be stationed at various points on the trek to ensure that teams follow the correct route and render any assistance required.
  14. Teams must stay together. All members must stay within sight of each other at all times. They must check in together at each checkpoint upon arrival, and check out together when leaving.
  15. Each checkpoint will have a clearly marked ‘last checkout time’. For safety reasons, teams will not be permitted to continue on the trek after this time.
  16. If first aid crews are concerned that your team will not be able to reach the next checkpoint safely and in time, your team will be asked to withdraw
  17. Starts will be staggered and race times will be calculated from your start and finish times. Time spent at checkpoints will be included in your total time.
  18. You must wear your race identification number at all times.
  19. It’s essential that each walker has a high visibility vest for the road sections with reflective strips for night sections and a headlight or torch for the night sections.
  20. There are no provisions for stopping traffic on roads that are to be walked or crossed. You are required to follow normal road rules when crossing roads.
  21. Some parts of the Trek are in residential areas and we ask you please to be courteous to residents and keep noise to a minimum.
  • No smoking in the National Park
  • Dispose of your litter in bins or take it home
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed
  • No lighting of fires
  • Drones are not allowed in the National Park