On the Day


As dawn breaks at the Wilson Park rego desk we’ll see trekkers arriving from far and near. Just spare a thought for the neighbours around this area – it is early so please be thoughtful as you arrive and try not to disturb their Saturday lie-in.

The coffee cart will be there to kick-start your day. Don’t forgot to bring your own reusable cup. There’s a place to top up your water bottles and a loo for a quick pit stop.

Registration for 50 km trekkers will be open from 6.00 to 6.30am.

15km and 30km trekkers can register
between 6.30 and 7.30 am

You must be registered and have paid your registration fee ($80 per trekker and $40 for under 18s)  to start. We will not be taking any new registrations on the day. If you need to pay you will be asked to do so at the finance table (cash and cheque only). You can also hand in sponsorship money here.  But it would be a real help to our finance volunteers if you could pay money in advance through the website. If you are not sure if you have registered or have paid please email our registrations co-ordinator.

You’ll need to hand in your waiver forms and personal information forms and in return you’ll get a fancy number bib and emergency instructions.

Then it’s time to head off to the start line and get going. You can start as soon as you’re registered and your time will be recorded at the start line. Remember that rest times at checkpoints are included in your total time.The Trek for Timor organisers hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for supporting this great cause.