The Trek Route

We would like to acknowledge that this event occurs on the traditional lands of the Gundagura and Darug peoples. The Blue Mountains Trek for Timor Committee acknowledges that this event is being held on Aboriginal land and recognises the strength, capacity and resilience of past and present Aboriginal people in this region

If you are coming to do this trek for the first time get ready for stunning views, magnificent forests and a physical challenge as you walk through this beautiful World Heritage area. This has to be the ultimate Walk in the Park; A UNESCO World Heritage National Park that is!

The Trek begins at Wilson Park in Wentworth Falls and finishes in either Leura, Katoomba or Wentworth Falls depending on which track length you’ve chosen. There’s a choice of 3 distances – 15, 30 and 50km

Attached below you will find all of the maps and track notes for Trek for Timor 2016 split into the 4 legs.

For those that have trekked with us before you may be wondering “How come the distances are longer but the route is much the same?” It’s always been a problem measuring exact distances across the terrain that the Trek for Timor covers in the Blue Mountains. Even with new GPS technology, distances still vary every time the track is measured. We’ve done our best to get more accurate readings but these will still be approximate and will vary from device to device. For trekkers from previous years, you can revel in the fact that you actually walked further than you thought!

Download map of total route

Checkpoint Information

Leg 1 – Wilson Park Wentworth Falls to Leura Cascades – 15km (The blue track on the map)

Download Leg 1 Map
Download Leg 1 Track Notes

Leg 2 – Leura Cascades to Katoomba Oval – 15km (30km cumulative) (The green track on the map)

Download Leg 2 Map
Download Leg 2 Track Notes

Leg 3 – Katoomba Oval to Jamison Creek – 11km (cumulative 41km) (The purple track on the map)

Download Leg 3 Map
Download Leg 3 Track Notes

Leg 4 – Jamison Creek to Finish at Queen Victoria Hospital – 9 km (cumulative 50km) (The red track on the map)

Download Leg 4 Map
Download Leg 4 Track Notes